A rare Mid-week update

Last week, I attempted to mount a photograph to some foam board for a tutorial I was planning on publishing here at The Professional Dork; however, things didn’t go as planned, and I was left with a time lapse video of what amounts to me playing in my parents garage. The goal for last week was two fold: One, have a finished product that I could write a tutorial on, and two, have a time lapse video of the process so I could write a second tutorial on how I created the time lapse.

After the failed attempt at mounting the photograph, and dealing with all the annoyances of not being able to deliver what I wanted on time, I had decided that this Sunday I was going to have to decide on a topic to write about.

Fast forward to yesterday, and one of those “eureka” moments happen. Even though I didn’t mount my picture, and in turn not being able to write a tutorial on it, I did have a time lapse on hand.

The subject matter of the time lapse is unimportant, at least for the sake of the tutorial. I have a time lapse, which means I have something to write a tutorial on for this upcoming Sunday.

So, this upcoming Sunday, keep an eye out for the first tutorial here at The Professional Dork. It won’t be the latest and greatest bit of knowledge, but hopefully, it will be something you can use in your own projects.

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