Mounting the Lincoln Memorial

Well, folks, in keeping with my “promise” of writing an entry every Sunday, here I am with what was supposed to be my first published tutorial on The Professional Dork.

This evening, I had tried to mount my “Lincoln Memorial” photograph onto some 1/4″ foam board I had purchased at a local hobby shop. Failing that, the only thing I have is a time lapse video of me not doing what I had attempted. Not a terrible loss, honestly, as I know now how not to mount a photograph to foam board.

It all comes down to planning.

The work surface wasn’t adequate for the job, it was too narrow and cluttered, even though I had cleaned it up a bit.

The method of applying the image to the foam board allowed for too many mistakes, I need to come up with a fencing system so I can align the corner of the image with the corner of the board and make certain that all the edges are lined up and square.

I had tried using balsa wood to create a sub-frame that would be mounted to the back of the image and hold the picture wire for hanging the picture on the wall, this would also create a “floating” image look once finished. The problem with using balsa wood is that it is too light and didn’t add enough heft for the size of the picture.

Another issue I had with the balsa wood is that I was trying to glue the wood together with super glue. Balsa wood being as porous as it is, just absorbed the glue and the pieces didn’t bond with each other. Next time I’ll try a harder wood and better glue, maybe Gorilla glue is in order.

Below is the time lapse video of me not doing what I wanted but learning something in the process.

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